1. Do you agree with Brian Echevarria that: (Check all that apply)*

    2. Do you understand the importance of this election?*

    3. Do you agree or disagree: What we want for the future may depend on what we do for it.*

    4. When can you host a FIOS Meeting to ensure our community understands this election’s importance?

    Sooner is better to allow your guest to host one also.

    5. Can we place a Brian Echevarria sign in your yard?*

    6. I can knock on doors and leave door hangers on.*

    Select as many as you are willing

    7. Can you do phone and text banking?*

    8. Your skills that may help the campaign.*

    9. In whose home are you attending the FIOS Meeting?*

    10. Would you make a donation to the Campaign to help us win?*

    Your Info*

    How would you rate the FIOS Meeting tonight?*

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