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What do you want life to be like in 10 years? What opportunities do you envision for your family?
What can you do about it?

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The Story, Our Story

History will tell your story.

How will it read? There are two very different visions contending for our future; you will be a BIG part of deciding which way we go.

In 1775 Paul Revere rode on horseback to warn that the British were coming.  He couldn’t be canceled. He wasn’t banned from social media or marginalized by major news stations. There was nothing they could do to stop what one man could say to another. It is that way today. No one can stop us from sharing our experiences with our neighbors.

In 2022, there is a lot in question. Forces are working to bring policies to our state that are not good for your family or neighbor. Children’s hearts are being negatively influenced in a way that fosters self-hate, a divisive community, and sexually charged material too adult for little hearts. Allowing those things to continue will rob our children of the miracle of free enterprise, delegitimize traditional family structures, and create unsafe communities.

Between gas prices, out-of-control inflation, concern for school safety, and the looming recession, every sober-minded person I know is ready to help us win.

There is no nice way to say that the future is on the ballot in more ways than one.

Like Paul Revere, you and I must share the realities we face with your neighbors. Your home and network hold the key to our future as a community, state, and nation. Sign up for a FIOS meeting in your home, donate, and volunteer. Will you ride?

What Is A FIOS Meeting?

Meeting Description

For reasons unknown, the democrat platform has drastically changed, and its candidates seem to oppose the wonderful, family-centered lifestyle we live in Cabarrus County. Democrat candidates advocate for extremist policies that legalize even late-term abortions, defund the police, and remove our energy independence. Everything Democrat leaders have done made life worse for us; higher gas and food prices, violation of parental rights, mandates that mask our children regardless of what we think, and shut down our churches and local businesses.

When Democrats are elected, they contend for the approval of some questionable elites and the money available from their organizations. 

FIOS Meetings are a vital part of our strategy to secure the future of our community. We are equipping good people to combat the more than one million dollars estimated to be poured into our race by far-left Democrat fundraising organizations. Our society cannot be bought if we have 45-minute Family Is Our Story Meetings in our homes and get this moment right.

Our community is more powerful but less deliberate than their radical agenda and influence; there isn’t enough money to supersede your relationships with your family, friends, and neighbors. To protect what we have, our families, and our hopes, we must handily win and shift power from the “establishment” that has forgotten us back to our homes. Let’s win this moment! Please host a FIOS meeting, donate, and volunteer. 

The FIOS meeting is simple and effective. You gather family, friends, and neighbors for coffee, tea, and dessert to assist our campaign, secure our future, and ensure that every part of the government understands that “Family is Our Story.”

Will you host a FIOS meeting in your home?

In a short 45 minutes, you will give all our families a chance at a great future. It will provide invaluable information that ensures our families are represented accurately and effectively down the ballot. Here is a breakdown of a typical meeting agenda: Welcome and Snack. Converse and Inform. Energize and Mobilize.

Host A FIOS Meeting

Would You?

We know your family and our community is important to you. Every government decision affects our families and things are way off. Will you help get things right by having your family, friends, neighbors, and people you’re friendly with over for a FIOS Meeting?

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    *Once you sign up to host an event at your home, our campaign will reach out via email to coordinate the event with you.

    About Brian Echevarria

    Meet Brian Echevarria

    America is the greatest nation on earth, and North Carolina is a great place to live; Family is our Story! Because of its residents and resources, North Carolina is just starting to blossom. I have faith that together, we can build an even brighter future. Together, we can keep more of the money you earn in your home where it belongs, help our businesses prosper, and give our children the safety, education, and opportunities we imagine for them. I’m running for District 73, NC House of Representatives. Please vote for me to represent your interest in that bright future.